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Nathan is an experienced analyst, entrepreneur, and project manager who happily turns problems into opportunities by exploring the unexplored and rigorously testing new approaches. Nathan is an energetic leader dedicated to unraveling complex issues and identifying practical steps to address them.




Nathan is a strategic thinker with a deep knowledge of geopolitics, economics, socio-cultural dynamics, and systems thinking. Strong skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as hybrid methods such as social network analysis. Years of experience working with organizations such as NATO and the US Department of Defense on topics as diverse as food security, economic stability, and counter-terrorism. Nathan is a big-picture thinker with a deeply analytical background.

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Certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), Nathan has years of experience in building new capabilities for a variety of organizations including businesses, government agencies, and NGOs. Nathan has a keen ability to plan and deliver projects that align with the strategic and operational objectives of even the most demanding organizations.

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Trained in the arts of facilitation, mediation, and leadership and backed up by years of experience in each, Nathan actively seeks opportunities to move individuals and groups past obstacles towards conflict resolution and ultimately collaboration. Extensive experience working in diverse and multi-national environments where diplomacy is crucial. Nathan is adept at identifying hidden stakeholders and bringing them to the table – enhancing opportunities for successful negotiation.

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Nathan is an experienced writer with an extensive portfolio of more than a 100 items including current news, business case studies, and policy papers. Strong editing and proofreading skills honed through a host of different formats spanning popular media, academic papers, policy papers, and technical reports written by native and non-native English speakers. Mentored 60+ individuals on best approaches to writing for a diverse audience.

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Nathan is a natural speaker with a friendly demeanor, a commanding presence, and a passion that quickly shines through. Nathan has been asked to speak in a variety of venues and capacities to hundreds of audiences of students, scientists, and policy makers. Nathan is also a Master Scuba Diver Trainer in his free time.

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Nathan has years of in-depth experience with public outreach, crafting public relations materials, utilizing social media channels, and encouraging genuine public participation. Well-versed – through study and application – with the various approaches to community engagement, information diffusion, and brand management.

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Social Media
Project Management

I do not believe that it is possible to reach 100% on any skill – there is always something to learn. I am constantly looking for opportunities to grow as a person, expand my knowledge, and build new skills.

*based upon the scale used in the US Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT).




Nathan has been instrumental in creating a voice for…[those] who share a passion for making the world a better place…I am proud to be part of the community that Nathan helped foster and share ideas on the most important issues of our day…
- Matthew Falco
Nathan is a very energetic, dedicated and positive person. He has a highly developed sense of social entrepreneurship and a gift to inspire people and win their trust…
- Joana Bogdanova
Nathan is an incredibly engaged individual that pushed our group forward with his previous experiences, knowledge, and innovative research methods and directions. He was fantastic in conveying complex conceptual and theoretical frameworks to different levels of professionals and was respectful and humble around the clock.
- Patrick Slack
Nathan is an outstanding Social Cultural Analyst…because of his personal interest in cultures and his natural inquisitive nature..Nathan has a nature that makes for a good analyst – he was not satisfied with the first easy answer to a question.
- Elizabeth Robinson
Nathan was a pleasure to work with at the NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre. He was extremely knowledgeable in his area of responsibility, a keen researcher and one of the best writers I have worked with in 26 years of military service.
- Colonel Brad Hocevar
Nathan is an outstanding analyst whose intellectual acumen and solid understanding of emerging world issues was at the heart of the Strategic Branch when he worked here. He is energetic, passionate about quality, and a real force for taking on new challenges with an open mind and a logical approach.
- Stephen Curtis
[Nathan’s] personality, natural drive, and desire to provide factual, relevant and valuable information inspired others to up their game. Nathan…often took the lead in thought provoking dialogue and his critical thinking ability sets him out among his peers. I highly recommend Nathan – truly a great asset for any organization.
- Chris Port
Nathan was an enthusiastic and dynamic contributor to team discussions and brainstorming sessions, often approaching a problem from a different tangent to overcome bias and preconceptions.
- Chris Hughes
Nate freely shares ideas, and is readily prepared to support and defend his position on complex issues. His breadth and depth of experience in China and Pac-Rim issues is profound. His knowledge and analytic zeal make him a valued asset, inspiring team members and leadership alike.
- Todd Karr
…a natural leader…Nate is always ready with constructive, helpful advice, and willing to accept others as well.
- Heather Larsen
[Nathan was]…never a timid member…but always extremely respectful and eager to hear others’ perspectives…I view Nathan as a lifelong learner; eager to interact with others in his community to gain insight and collaborate on innovative solutions.
- June Chee
[Nathan] brings his energy and enthusiam to the workplace. He is bright, articulate, and conscientious.
- Amy Wales
[Nathan] always exemplified the highest standards of professionalism and had expert knowledge that many only wish they had.
- Adam Edwards
Nathan always exemplifies the three key attributes that I look for in a colleague – professionalism, positive attitude, and a proactive approach to every situation…Nathan is an ideal colleague and always performs to the very highest standards.
- Jeff Malcolm
Nathan…doesn’t follow the masses. He observes where the others didn’t go and then starts a new path that nobody has pursued before…If you are looking for somebody who finds the missing puzzle piece in your program and can logically present to you a rescue plan towards the best solution…Nathan is the man for you.
- Pejman Ahadi
…a good spirit, and all around positive guy.
- William Georges
Nathan [is] hard-working, organized & insightful.
- Ian Forsyth
Nathan is an astute and articulate analyst with extensive knowledge…He is also an excellent writer and public speaker.
- Andrew William Brinser
Nathan is a natural leader, resourceful and concise communicator of information and wisdom from the realm of sustainability.
- Ionut Lucian Toma
Nathan’s passion for sustainability is contagious…He inspired me…his embrace of new viewpoints motivated me and helped me persevere even in the face of controversy.
- Emily MacNintch
I found [Nathan] to be very well informed, an engaging and stimulating correspondent and very well versed in sustainability and leadership in the widest sense…I would have no hestitation in recommending him for a lead editorial or other post requiring engagement and thinking in the sustainability and leadership field.
- Sir Mark Moody-Stuart





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